Sunday, 22 November 2009

Beofre the gossip starts...

Well before the jungle drums start beating and people come up with all sorts of wild fantasies about the goings on at The Crown we’d like to confirm that yes, we have removed some items from The Crown today.  The items we removed represent just part of the money we put in to The Crown.  It is no secret we bought some of the kitchen equipment necessary to open the kitchen along with providing various decorative items for the bar area.   In addition to this we invested quite heavily in wet stock for the bar and food stock for the kitchen, which obviously, we have not removed.


The items we bought and we removed were supposed to be paid for from the profits of the bar, only a small token gesture has been made in this regard but despite numerous requests nothing has been forthcoming for over 12 weeks or so.  After a recent request for payment or even a payment proposal made to our ex business partners,  they have asked us to remove the items we paid for from the bar, which we have reluctantly agreed to.


We are sorry it has come to this, we wanted an amicable arrangement as we’d rather receive the money we are owed slowly but surely than some second hand bits of equipment which are now effectively worthless but, it seems this was not meant to be.  As for any other monies owed to us we will need to take advice on how to move forward from here.  We suspect though that any further communication will be ignored, the same as we have been since we left.  There will doubtless be a number of comments, opinions and grievances aired now about our recent activities all we will ask is that people consider how they may feel if they were in a similar situation.


It is not nice to be bitched about regardless of which side of the fence you are on, many people will have our ex business partners points of view as they have, no doubt been aired freely to the customers.  Our version of events though has not been aired at all, there is much guessing and supposition but very few people know the full details, the truth will out eventually though.


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