Saturday, 9 April 2011


Today has been a long day as I have been tired and I'm still suffering the
effects of me reducing my steroids. I have had to take some painkillers this
morning but have avoided them for the rest of the day, thisis good at least
I'm not constantly taking them.

We have been linked to Cheryl Broyles in the states, who like me has a Grade
4 GBM and has suffered this 5 times now and each time has fought back and
is now a motivational speaker for others.
is a link
to a motivational speech that she has given.

This woman is an inspiration to not only people with any form of illness but
also anyone on a daily basis. I must admit that this is religious speech,
and I'm not religious, if you listen to what she says though there is a
meaning, you have to interpret it as you wish. Her other videos are

On other things in my life. The plans to downsize to a barge are still
continuing and we have started looking at the mammoth task that is
downsizing, and going through all your wildly possession. I have asked
myself the simple question "Do I really need this" I'm not attached to
anything much materialistic these days, I have said there is only a few
photographs and personal items I would want to take with me, no more than a
storage box if the truth be know.

Anyway more sorting tomorrow, so am of to bed.

Will update tomorrow.

Steve x

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