Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lunchtime Update

I'm getting used to these lunchtime updates...

This morning has been really productive I have done loads for the office and
I can see the summer quickly approaching us now, it is going to be so busy,
and in one respect I'm glad I am able to work from home so that I am not
distracted by all and sundry, I can just work through my inbox at a cool
pace, although I did speed through it this morning.

I have loads of invoices to print off but as I share a printer with the rest
of the team I have to do them in batches, never mind, again keeps me

Have had some more work come in for I need an
act for Stoke on Satirday night, the best thing is its throgh an onother
agent so looks like the word is out and they know I'm the provider of Drag

More work on the shop has been done not that you can see any of it, but it
is there, and hopefully tonight I will get the rest of the stock on there.

The eBay store is slowly ticking over and we have a load of new stock to
photograph which will be going on at the weekend.

I am on day two of my reducing steroid dose, and at the moment I havent seen
any diffrenece in myself, I still have a slight headache but thats just my
normal day to day living now., and it is getting better every day so again
am still not taking painkillers.

Nothing much else to update really, will update later with how I get on in
the rest of the day.


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