Tuesday, 5 April 2011

End of another day

Well my mum has just left with her dodgy leg and I'm going to do this blog
and head off to bed, as I m really tired, hopefully I will be able to sleep
all the way through tonight.

My headache is still at a minimum and I haven't had pain killers for 4 days
now, so that's all good.

The best thing about not having pain killers is the side effect on my
digestive system, which is now slowly kicking back into action - pain
killers = constipation which is not nice at all.

I have also started on my reducing dose of steroids today too so will give
that a week or so to see how that goes.

I want to go into the office on Thursday as I haven't been in for a while
and I am missing them all and I feel disjointed from the office.

Mark is sat at the table blinging up a top for a friend which looks really
nice. He enjoys doing stuff like that - I do too when I have the patience.

I have been working on more of the sites today www.dragqueensuperstore.com
and www.justtheone4u.co.uk so these should see a massive improvement in the
next few days, there just isn't enough time in the day in which to do
everything and some of the things I want to do take 24 hours to process so
it's not an instant fix.

Right well am off to bed after I have linked this blog to my Facebook so
night night all and will update tomorrow.

Steve x

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