Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Lunch Update

Well what a night last night was, I don't think I was suppose to sleep at
all, first I needed the loo, then I had heartburn, then I was too warm,
then, well you get the idea, I just couldn't sleep for more than an hour or
so, so I was really tired this morning when my alarm went off.
I only wish I had something on my mind at least I could say that was what
was keeping me awake, but I'm pretty clear headed at the moment and not
worried about anything.
This morning though has been really productive and have managed to sort
loads for the office, although for the last hour or so there has been an
issue where my computer simply says no, and its been really slow.
Have had some more ideas for http://www.dragqueensuperstore.com/ and
http://www.justtheone4u.co.uk/ and its all behind the scenes stuff but stuff thats
really important, so have made a note of that and will work on it later. I
make so many notes for the sites at the moment and follow various links that
I now have one pad for them all.
Will update later as my mum is down this evening for dinner as she does
every Tuesday.
Till then
Steve x

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