Monday, 4 April 2011

its the end of the day.

Well its the end of the day and I intend to be in bed very very shortly.

I have had a tiring day but a good day as have managed to get loads done,
which always makes me feel better as at least I have then achieved something
with my day.

Will be back to my desk tomorrow morning and hopefully have another busy
day, the time passes much quicker if I'm busier and it's what I am used too.
Working from home does have its benefits though, although I try and use the
work as a distraction.

One thing that has been pointed out to me today, and I have realised it
myself but not thought about it, is my reading speed has slowed down since
my opperation, its not something thats a major issue but something I will
let the oncologist know on my next visit. It sounds daft but I just dont
skim read like I used to any more I read the whole thing. Will probably make
me read things properly now rather than skimming and making it up as I go.
Will update on that one - maybe its just one of the side effects of having
my head fiddled with as I'm still only just over 6 months after my surgery.

Still on the head front I havent had painkillers again today, which I'm
loving as I hate taking them, lets hope the headaches that I do have
continue to decrease and I can not have them alltogether. I just hope that
this week when I start to reduce my steroids they dont come back. I'm going
to reduce them much slower though this time so fingers crossed I wont have
any nasty comedowns as with previous times.

Another thing I have noticed over the last few days is, my life has gone
back to normal, or as normal as it ever was/will be. People don't just phone
up randomly now every few day, the emails have slowed down, the Facebook
messages etc have slowed down too. It sounds awful of me to say it but its
great. Its as though I don't have an illness that people have to ask about.
Although it's still nice when people hone like they used to every so often,
I suppose there is a fine line between the two.

Anyway that's enough of me rambling, I might have slowed down at reading but
my typing hasn't been effected even though all the words are misspelt
(that's always been like that not a side effect of the surgery, spelling was
never my strong point, you should get a text of me when am tired, even
code-breakers cant figure them out)

Anyway again, will update tomorrow

Steve xx

PS Hello to my mother who I know reads this blog in her dressing gown every
morning..... Boy s that a dodgy nightie is that beans or a egg down the
front? must get you a new one for your birthday - Webcams are brilliant for
spying on your old folks... J

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