Monday, 4 April 2011


Well its lunchtime and I'm feeling OK.

I'm a little tired but that's something I have become to expect. The best
thing I have can say is I haven't had any pain killers for 3 and half days.
Which is really good, I still have a slight headache but not anything I
think I should be taking painkillers for. If I can avoid using loads of
drugs then I will, as I put so much into my body with all my other
treatments it causes other issues.

I'm so glad that today is Chemo free though as I can get back to normal and
not have such a structured day, eat, hour wait, anti sickmess, hour wait,
chemo, hour wait, ear, feel sick, so on and so on.

Anyway have loads to do and its lunchtime so will update later.


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