Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Day with Mum

I spent this afternoon with my mum which was lovely. We used to have our
random shopping trips years ago but haven't for a while, so was nice.

The sun has been shining today too which always makes me feel good, however
the weather has been heavy today which always gives me a headache (joy) and
so today I have had a double whammy headache but I have been without
painkillers for the majority of the day so again, that is a good thing, the
headache is like an ice-cream headache )when you get that sharp pain in your
head when you eat something cold)

My Mum bought me an IPhone for my birthday and I have changed suppliers too,
which for me is brilliant as I couldn't wait to get away from Orange. They
even had the cheek to put me through to the retention centre and the person
at the end of the line after reading all the issues on my account offered me
to stay with them, they didn't offer me any incentives just their word that
the service would be improved.

Anyway I, in no uncertain terms would be staying with Orange and asked for
my release code.

Anyway I will be the customer of O2 for the foreseeable future .

Anyway I'm tired now, so will be off to bed, will update tomorrow


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