Monday, 18 April 2011


Well after this morning's little grey cloud things did get better - apart
from the headache.

Its constantly there now and will definitely have to say something to the
oncologist when I next visit next month. Not long now till my next run of
Chemo, it goes so quick.

This evening both me and Mark gave been working on the eBay store and have
loads to post out, he has also made a Blanket for a friend which will be
speeding its way to her tomorrow via the brilliant postal service.

Nothing much more to report though this evening and would like to finish
this before midnight if I can.

Dont forget to check out our eBay store - more items have gone on this
evening and will be doing so over the next few days.

I have to get that cheeky link in there somewhere....

Right will update tomorrow with more exciting things (if I find something
exciting that is) otherwise it will just be another day in the little life
of me.

Till then

Steve x

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