Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Well today I have been in the office for the majority of the day, which is
really good as even though it tires me out, I feel like I have achieved
something with my day rather than when I work from home, as I can see the
work being finished.

I have also been trying to get reception on my phone. I have changed from
Ornage over to 02 curtasy of my new IPhone (which was my birthday presnt
from my mum and dad.

Its not as easy as you would think, but at least it gives me something to
fiddle with for the next few days.

Anyway I'm going to keep this short as am off to bed, need to get up and
sort myself out ready for another day in the office.

Will update tomorrow.

Steve x

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  1. Add the what's app - app so I can start sending you random messages,