Friday, 22 April 2011

Yesterdays Blog

OK so I forgot to do a blog yesterday, so here it is.

Yesterday I was in the office for the second day on the run, which was good,
even though it did tire me out.

I feel better when I'm tired out, as I tend to sleep better than if I work
from home, going to work actually uses some of the energy that I have got
and this is something don't do when am working from home, so even though am
tired I don't feel the tiredness the same.

So going to work does have its benefits.

The eBay store is going well and sales are coming in on a daily basis now,
even Tanja's store is getting hits and bids so that's a good thing for her
as it can be disheartening if you upload all that stuff then it doesn't

I did really well with the headaches yesterday too, I took painkillers first
thing in the morning then late afternoon and have had nothing since, and the
headache this morning isn't too bad - much better than yesterday anyway, so
will try and not take any this morning and see how I go.

Today, were all off and I will be doing some more eBay and tidy the house,
and pack for next week, which will probably include doing a mountain of
washing too, even though I have been doing it every day this week - I'm sure
someone leaves all their washing in our washing basket....

Will update later

Steve x

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