Saturday, 23 April 2011

And again

Well I did it again, I forgot to do a Blog yesterday. We were just so busy
yesterday that it slipped my mind, I was doing a thousand things at once.

We have estate agents coming to the houses today to do the valuations, so we
had the house tidy to do yesterday, and as we have been downsizing and eBay
and such there is piles of stuff everywhere.

It's amazing how much stuff we have actually got between us all, and how
much stuff we have decided that we can get rid of.

The while process is going to take weeks as when we have cleared one area
there is another to do, and we decide that something else can be sold.

We also cleaned the car yesterday ready for Mondays trip to Edinburgh with
Nick and Geoff.

That's one more job I have to do though I need to pack too, clothes for a
week, in Edinburgh generally means a whole wardrobe as the weather is
changeable at the drop if a hat, you can be in your thermals in the morning
and then in your Speedo's in the afternoon - not that your likely to see me
in Speedo's any time soon.

Anyway better crack on got the post to do from the auctions from yesterday,
and some more have just finished now.

It's all go.

Will update later after I have put some more on eBay.

Steve x

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