Sunday, 17 April 2011

BBQ weather

Well today has been a busy day and we have managed to sort all sorts out.

I had a sleep in this morning as I was tired, although I woke up feeling
slow, so may have possibly slept for too long.

The headache was there this morning when I woke up, but I'm just getting
used to it now, I take two painkillers and just get on with it.

We went food shopping this morning and ended up at World Foods in Cheetham
Hill, which is brilliant, as it sells all sorts of weird and wonderful food.
We also bought food for a BBQ this evening.

It was nice to have a BBQ as it shows that summer is on its way, which is
always a good thing.

We have both been adding more items to eBay too. We are methodically working
our way through the house and adding everything and anything, who would have
thought that downsizing could be so hectic, at this rate its going to take
us weeks, and we haven't even started on the loft yet....

The whole eBay thing isn't just confined to me and Mark, as Tanja has been
putting her CD's on eBay too and has managed to put over 50, items today,
were slowly becoming an eBay family

To check out what items we have got go to:

to check out what Tanja is listing go to

Tanja will also be uploading a load of hand-mad items and materials, ideal
for drag and theatrical costumes. You will have to keep a check on what she
has uploaded, she is turning into a "One woman eBay machine"

Have another busy week ahead planned, as would like to go into the office
both Wednesday and Thursday this week to sort out a problem with one of our
suppliers, it's an issue that I have been dealing with since I started the
company so I am still being involved even though I no longer manage the

Anyway am off to bed, will update tomorrow.

Steve x

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