Sunday, 17 April 2011

Getting Older

Well tonight has been a lovely night with Friends, but it has made me think
about something.

The people that we had dinner with Dan, yannis and Graham have been friends
for Years, Dan especially, and we only knew each other socially on the
scene, and drinking was the name of the game.

Now we're going to their house which they have just moved into and having a
sociable dinner.

We have done this a lot lately and it's just odd how you change as you get
older, I'm quite happy to stay in now of an evening and have friends round
for dinner and drinks. It's not the illness that has done this to me, Mark
is the same, we just enjoy socialising in a comfortable atmosphere - perhaps
were all just getting older.

On a health note I didn't start this morning very well, even though I was up
at 8am. I just felt like I was running on low batteries and everything was
just slow. I just couldn't get motivated and everything I did seemed to take
much longer.

Because I knew I was out this evening I had a nap this afternoon to try and
refresh myself, and it did actually work, although now I am tired and will
be asleep very soon after hitting the sheets.

The headaches is still there, but again I'm living with it, and just take
painkillers as and when I need.

The sale of all our items is continuing, and were adding more items every
day, one man's junk is another man's treasure as they say, and it definitely

We have both been looking at Barges again over the last couple of days and
have more or less decided what type were after, we just have to sort it all
out now.

Anyway am off to bed, and hope to have a sleep in in the morning so that am
fresh for the day- Maybe tomorrow I wont have a headache as it will have
been a week since I have been on the reduction of steroids, time will tell,

Will update tomorrow.


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