Sunday, 3 April 2011

End of Chemo Week

Well that's it for another month, my Chemo is all over and I'm free for
another 23 days. I can honestly say this month I am glad to see the back of

Have had a few issues this week with the Chemo and Anti Sickness drugs, and
today I feel shattered and like I have run a million miles.

Never mind its don and dusted now, I know I need to tak my anti sickness no
matter what and the fact it makes me feel sick for a while is something I
have to put up with, its better than wiping me out and making me sick all
day if I don't take them.

I didn't update yesterday as we were so busy, we had friends coming over for
dinner so we had to tidy up and I helped Mark prep the dinner, it was nice
to do it through the day rather than rush do it all towards the end o the
day, it was actually a nice day just plodding on, although I was tired
through the day and I had to stop for a rest several times (see I am
listening to my body)

It was however a late night and I was flagging towards the end but I don't
like to disappoint people and head off so I stayed up.

Saying that though we got to bed at abut 2.30am when we finally got to bed
and then we were up not long after 9am so not as though we wasted the whole
of today.

Nick and Geoff text us to ask if we would like to go on a Magical Mystery
Tour today and if we did they would pick us up at 11am

We ended up heading off to North Wales (Llandudno) to be precise and walked
down the pier and along the prom, it's a lovely place am sure, but the
weather wasn't the best and as we were all cold and there wasn't much to do
it was a nice trip out just let down by the weather, and the fact we got
stuck in two traffic jams on the way home.

We did have chips though (which is law when you go to the seaside) and were
followed by the seagulls who are very cheeky.

One of them obviously wanted my chips and so decided to poop in my tray so I
couldn't finish them - out of principal Mark threw them in the bin, so it
was a failed attempt at getting chips from that bird all round.... and who
says being pooped on my a bird is good luck.....

All in all its been a lovely weekend with friends just tiring and
problematic, I'm hoping that Monday will be the start of another good week
and I get loads done.

Happy Mother's day to my two mums too, and any mothers out there have a good

Will update tomorrow.

Steve x

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