Friday, 1 April 2011


What a mixed bag of a day.

I got up this morning without a headache - bonus

Although I had confused the office and they assumed I was going in, although
I had arranged for Meesha to come over to the house, so after clearing that
up I got up.

Anyway I sorted a couple of things out at home and then Meesha Phoned to say
she was near and I had to head out to meet her.

I have decided to take my tablets differently today, and because the anti
sickness drugs were making me feel sick I tried the Oncologists
recommendation that I may be able to get away without taking them.


I was fine for the first two hours or so, but then I was as sick as a dog,
even though I had taken my secondary anti sickness tablet.

So tomorrow I think I will be just putting up with the anti sickness drug
sickness for the half hour or so that I get, it looks to me like a simpler
and easier option.

The rest of the evening is now going to be spent in bed - an early night as
I think I need it.

Will update tomorrow at some point.


1 comment:

  1. Just stopping by to give you a {{BIG HUG}}, really hope things are a bit better for you today - do you think the oncology team could change the type of anti-sickness medication you are on? Just a thought, and I don't know a) whether they can or b) whether you will feel better on a different type but maybe worth checking?

    I take 3 anti-sickness tablets every day to combat the sickness from my morphine and I have some bad days too. I can go a while without any nausea/sickness and then for no reason whatsoever I get a day where they either don't work at all or they leave me feeling nauseous all day...I swear the pills just decide they fancy a day off and so go on strike!

    Feel better soon! {{HUGS}} xxx