Thursday, 31 March 2011


Well today was day two of his months chemo cycle, and its not been a
brilliant day overall.

I have to take anti sickness drugs an hour before I take the chemo tablets,
but they make me feel sick - odd I know. Now normally they just make me feel
like I have eaten far too much and sick, but it passes within half an hour
or so. But today its not been so.

I have felt rough for the majority of the morning, which hasn't been good,
so I haven't done any work for the office and have not been online for
Facebook etc.

Will see what tomorrow brings, the hospital have suggested that I may be
able to handle the chemo tablets on their own without the anti sickness so I
may try that tomorrow.

Anyway am off to bed.

Update tomorrow

Steve x

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  1. {{BIG HUGS}} fingers crossed tomorrow is a better day for you xxx