Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Back to the office

Well today I have been in the office for the majority of the day and it was
a good day, I managed to get so much done, it's amazing how quick I get
stuff done in the office compared to home because of the PC, Just one of the
things I have to put up with I sippse.

I would like to go back to work on a more pemanant basis, but I'm just going
to have to phase that back in. I know you probably all think I am mad for
wanting to go back to work, even part time but like I have said before its
the norm for me, its what I do, and am sure if a lot of you thought about it
you would think the same.

Today I have had my comedown headache for the majority of the day, nomatter
what I did I couldnt shake it. I'm getting good though at just ignoring it.
Hopefully over the next couple of days they will slowly subside even more
and I can drop again on the steroids, as I'm thinking the lower the quantity
I am taking the easier it will be to come off them totally.

One thing that really got me going today was an old woman at the bus stop. I
could hear her chatting with her friend about a person with a scar on thire
head, she was stating that it was probably becaise he was a fighter.

Of course they were refering to my surgery scar. I listened to the
conversation for a while and was saddened by how wrong and defamatory an
older woman could be, and I eventually tuend round and asked hr was she
taling about me, and was rather blunt and in a loud voice told her that the
scar wasnt from fighting but actually from surgery,and that the surery was
ro diagnose Terminal Brain Cancer. Her friend was more shocked and said
"told you so" and she tried to appologise profusely. Obviously she looked
stupid now in front of a large number of people. She kept saing sorry but I
told her that I wasnt interested and that she should keep her negative and
incorrect opinions to herself.

It doesnt bother me any more that people can see my scar though, I nolonger
wear a hat when I go out, I'm not bothered about what people think about me,
or say about me, I would just like people to know the truth and not asume
whatever it is they want to assume. Sadly the truth is there I cant hide
from it, so people around me may as well know the truth too.

Anyway its time I was off to bed.

Loads to do tomorrow

Will update during thr day tomorrow if I have anthing I think I shoudl blog
about before I forget - which is highly likel knowning me.


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    A week after Damian's funeral I went back to work. Within the first half an hour more people had come up to me crying than I had seen for weeks, then one idiot in my team came over and asked me if I would put away my photo of Damian that was on my desk as it was upsetting her!!!! My god she got it with both barrels then...upsetting her? she'd never even met him! And what about what she was doing to me? Asking me to remove all I had left...I actually felt better for firing back at her, which is awful but sometimes other peoples ignorance and/or total lack of understanding and compassion need putting in their place.

    I bet the lady you have written about will have more compassion for others she sees with 'fighting' scars in least you'd like to damn well think so!

    Well done on your day in the office :) I am sure I won't be the only one saying this but, don't overdo things! ;)

    Speaking of overdoing things, it's got to be time for me to get some shut eye!

    Take care.

    Your BT Buddy

    Natalya x