Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Evening/Morning all.

Well today has been a bit of an odd day, the headache is still there and am
used to that now.

Have been thinking about what we can add to the eBay store in order to help
us downsize. Have done the post run too of all the items that have already
been sold.

It's really odd seeing all our possessions going to other people, but am
used to that now with selling all our drag.

My mum came down this evening as she does every Tuesday, its nice to see her
as otherwise I wouldn't get all the gossip or get to see her any other time.

Other than that its been a bit of a quiet day, I haven't been that tired but
I am getting that way now, and Mark has just found me some more DVD's to put

Am off to the office tomorrow so will be heading off to bed shortly so that
am fresh for tomorrow.

Will update tomorrow night when I get back from the office.

Steve x

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