Monday, 11 April 2011


Well today has been another good day, even though I woke up this morning
with a headache, this is becoming the norm now so I just get on with it.

I managed to get loads done for the office as Mondays is a busy day as we
have to catch up from the weekend.

This evening after dinner I have been uploading more items to our eBay shop We have
loads of DVD's that we no-longer watch so they are all going on there, it's
sad that you spend all that money on something and then it sits in a
cupboard somewhere never to see the light of day again. Some of the DVD's
haven't been watched since before I met Mark, so think it's about time to
let them go to a new home. Will be doing loads this week as we have loads
there. CD's will probably follow next.

This whole life laundry and de-clutter is really addictive, I find myself
thinking about what else we can sell. We have the loft to go through yet so
I'm sure there will be loads of tuff up there that will see its way to eBay,
everything from cables for things to ornaments. Even Tanja and Lawrence are
getting into the eBay game and have set up their own account, after all its
not just us who has to downsize to move out of the house, they do too and
they have considerably more possessions than us.

I haven't been as tired today though having done what I have done, which I
see as a goo sign, this sort of happens every month. The week after Chemo is
a bit of a washout and then I start to pick up the following week, well am
picking up and even the headaches are decreasing slightly. I know my body is
going through a lot at the moment so am just taking every day as it comes.

I have been linked on Facebook to a woman in the states Cheryl Browley, who
I mentioned yesterday. She has been a GBM survivor for almost 11 years now
and provides talks on her positivity and provides help to others in the same

One thing I was asked yesterday is why I still use my Enid Whiplash account
on Facebook and not my own personal account.

The answer is simple.

Whiplash has far more friends than Steve does (and the steve account was
closed down way back) and everyone knows Whiplash, and its this profile that
people come to see my progress. If I ever message people now I always sign
off as Steve, people still call me Enid, bit a lot of people are now calling
me Steve, it's the same with Mark and his Bobbie profile.

Anyway got another productive day coming up tomorrow so will be heading off
to bed shortly. I know when its time to go now as my eyes go all funky when
am tired, so that's my que for bed.

Will update tomorrow with what am upto.


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