Friday, 17 September 2010

Hospital, Seven sleepless nights

After being admitted on Wednesday 8th September the monitoring and medication continued, there's a few funny stories from Steve's first nights in hospital but they are lengthy, maybe we'll tell you one day...

With no more information on what the growth could be the weekend came and went and Monday 13th September Steve was taken for an MRI scan because this, we were told, would provide more detail for the Doctors to look at.

We were told the Doctors would discuss the results scans at a meeting to be held on Tuesday 14th September and we would then be informed as to the next stage of diagnosis or treatment.

Tuesday came and went without significant progress, we were told the meeting had gone ahead but that the outcome of which would be discussed with us at a different hospital the following day.  the meeting was scheduled for 11.30am and we were to wait.

Another night of worry and anxiety, seven sleepless nights, Mark worrying at home and Steve dealing with the snoring of what sounded like a wart hog convention on the ward.  Meds continued to be administered every 4 hours through the night and the nurse took her observations.

Every phone call Mark received sent his stress levels through the roof, every minute which passed in hospital felt like a lifetime for Steve and, after attending the hospital the week before feeling relatively well, (apart from an annoying headache), Steve now felt weak, tense, exhausted and very depressed,

The following morning, Wednesday 15th September brought more tension and anxiety with the realisation that today we would finally find out what was growing within Steve's head.

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