Monday, 20 September 2010


Well folks, just a quick update on little old me. Today hasn't been the best of days, I think the drugs and everything else are playing with my emotions and I keep having little tearful spots. I could just say its just me but I know its not. So until all is fine I'm just going to have to accept I may cry over apple juice in Asda.

I also found out today that I will be being admitted to hospital on Wednesday morning. I have to be in the surgical departure lounge at 7am sounds like a holiday plan to me, unfortunately not so simple.

From there I presume I will be prepped and sent down for the surgery, which I have classed as an eviction. For those that are reading this will know I have a Cystic Tumour at the back or my brain, the evil squatte has become known as Clive the clump.

Clive has now officially been served with his eviction for wednesday. If he wants a fight, then so be it that's what he's going to get.

I'm going to try and update0this blog every day when possible and Mark (Bobbie Dazzler) has said he will fill in my off days. I'm going to be honest and say if I feel shit then so be it. But I will also say when am feeling good too.

Just off to a meeting now with my employers to fill them in and then its home to see my mum.

Will update later

Steve aka Whiplash
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