Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Well this is going to be my last blog post for a few days now, as I'm all
packed and ready for the hospital tomorrow morning.

I have to be in the surgical admittance lounge by 7am (sounds like a
departure lounge to me) but not such an easy flight going forward.

Basically check in, get prepped, and then it's a rollercoaster of
anaesthetic and operating theatres for me - not that I will know what's
going on as I will be fast asleep thinking of some strange exotic place - Do
you dream when they put you out?

I am actually quite nervous now of tomorrow and just want to get it all over
and done with, friends came over tonight and the enormous realisation
actually hit me of what is happening tomorrow. It's not just an operation,
this is possibly the biggest thing will happen to me, which now looking at
it scares me. I know I keep saying I have the easiest job going forward from
here, but I know that's not the truth.

No more food or drink for me from midnight, which isn't a problem because I
don't think I could face anything.

Off to bed now as need to be up early. Luckily Mark will drive me there in
the morning (its only round the corner though) just think it will be a
strange time.

Well guys wish me luck and I will update when I next can, Mark has said he
will update before then though.


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  1. Dear 'Trouble',

    I just wanted you to know I am reading your posts and keeping you both in my thoughts. I hope that the biopsy results bring you the best possible news and that you recover well from the surgery. If you need any information or just want someone to talk to please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Natalya Jagger

    Founder and Trustee
    BT Buddies – offering information, inspiration and hope to anyone affected by a brain tumour in the UK.
    email: natalya@btbuddies.org.uk
    Tel: 05601 751226
    Mobile: 07890 724204

    Registered Charity No 1135842