Thursday, 23 September 2010

Today's update

Well I'm going to do my first blog since I went under the knife.

Yesterday was all very speedy and I was in hospital for 7am all ready to be sent to surgery first off. I was sent down to the anaesthetic room just before 8.30. And I was on my merry way to sleep not much long after that.

I was next aware of time when it was about 1pm but I have been told that it was just a 11.30 when I wanted to get a message to mark that everything was ok.

I was linked to various tubes and monitors overnight which made sure I had as little sleep as possible. Every time I moved my alarms went off.. Thankfully they are gone now and the beeping has stopped...

I have been moved off the monitoring ward and onto a general ward, which again is another good sign for me. Just have the usual four hour checks of blood pressure and such.

At least they have now stopped asking me what day it is now though and who the king or queen is... Now I know who the queen is that's simple. But as for knowing the date! I haven't got a clue at the best of times never mind when am full of pain relief drugs. But I can gladly report that I managed to get it right so no problems there either. Who knows whilst they were in there they might have corrected my problems with dates as well and I will always know date it is...

Its lunch time now on the ward and am actually looking forward to lunch as all have had so far is tea and toast and a sandwich yesterday. (That and a load of miniature hero's)

At least the operation hasn't effected my appetite.

My head bandage will be coming off after lunch too which should again ease some of the pressure. So the picture of the Turbanator mark posted yesterday will be a thing of the past. The surgeon has said that the scar is going to be very minimal so shouldn't show under my hair.

Ok well I'm going to sign off now and update in a bit. Might have a nap after lunch as I do feel tired. That's one unfortunate side effect of head surgery...

Later guys

The Turbanator - Steve

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