Monday, 27 September 2010

Update 26/9/10

Well hello Guys, it's been a few days since I done this so I better be quick
and make sure I get it done within today's 24 hours.

The last few days have been a little whirlwind for me, with lots going in
both in and out of the hospital.

I was actually discharged from the Hospital at around 4pm on Friday
afternoon, as I was seen as fit and able to come home. This involved a
number of people doing various tests on me, one of which I had to make toast
and coffee for the Occupational Therapist, now I make poor coffee at the
best of times but when faced with a cheap powder coffee and only a large
table spoon to make it with, it was very poor, the toast was ok though so
that was that one passed.

There was also a number of vision and perception tests to complete, but
again I was seen as fit.

That all happened back on Friday and I was glad to be back home in my own
bed again that evening, although it was strange as our bedroom was so dark
and quiet, I couldn't sleep much as the surroundings were odd.

Saturday was an emotional day for me too. Both Mark and myself have made the
realisation that Trouble won't be making an appearances for the next couple
of months and so we have both made the decision to pack away the dressing
room to preserve the costumes that are in there, it was something we needed
to do anyway as it was getting very full, but we have done it now, and it
was like going through the belongings of an old friend - I knew the memories
attached to each item.

It's done now, and all there so that we can go back to it when I'm fighting
fit, which is sooner rather than later as a point of reference, a couple of
people have said it but you can't lee an old queen down, and this queen
doesn't intend to stay down for long.

That afternoon though I was tired and had to have a nap, this is one
unfortunate side effect of what I'm going through at the moment, I get tired
very quickly, and find that nod off easy.

Today has been a nice day as I have spent it all with Mark, both just been
doing our own thing, Mark is doing crafts again and I have been tapping away
on my Laptop, I find that my attention span wanes after a short time, so I
have a few things that I swap between to keep me engrossed.

Today I have also started to focus on Drag Queen Superstore, as that was
going really well before I took ill and has unfortunately suffered, It's
also something I can focus on to keep my mind occupied, and is something
Mark is happy to help me with so again we can do it together. I'm sure you
will see a few messages from me if you are on my Facebook group. If you are
not then look me up under Enid Whiplash.

Well until tomorrow as I'm off to bed as I had a nap earlier...


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