Monday, 21 March 2011


Am sat at my desk working, and my machine is on a go slow so thought I would
write a little update on how things are going.

I have just been thinking about a conversation I had a the weekend with a
friend about this blog.

Her partner has also had cancer and knows what it's like to be a carer of a
cancer sufferer as well as a partner of someone with cancer too.

She said she didn't want to read the blog because of the content and she had
enough of the Big C in her life, not that she wasn't interested in how I

I said that my blog has very little to do with cancer and the C word doesn't
get mentioned an awful lot, and it's a conscious effort not to mention it,
as that's not what it's about, it's about me. Cancer just happens to be a
small part of me, if I write about it every day, talk about it every day etc
then it gets to be a bigger part of me - this is something won't allow to

It is odd though how sometimes I become the centre of conversation and then
am spoken about as though am not there in a very rapid movement. Stephen
becomes Cancer. I'm getting good at being thick skinned though and ignoring
it or steering the conversation back to somewhere else knowing that it won't
be long before were back to the C word again.

It all sounds odd but there is very little I can do though to avoid these
situations as it's something that's there - again it's a case of being thick
skinned and getting on with it.

Cancer is a small part of me, it's not what I'm all about, and it never will

Anyway, enough of my soapbox rants.

Will update later

Steve x

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