Monday, 21 March 2011


Well after today's update I don't have much to say really.

I have been tired this afternoon though. I finished at 4.30 as I couldn't
concentrate on the work any more so I made my way to the post office with
all our eBay sales. There were none of the local in so nobody to complain
that I had loads of parcels to send.

One bit of news I hav had though this evening is that my brother is on 24
hours notice to go out to Libiya - its just something we have got used to in
the past, its his job being in the Army, and just part and parcel of what he
he has to do. Hopefully it wont happen but if it does then we have to live
with it.

Mark has been sending me emails all evening for companies that we would like
to stock their products so I have been sending out the emails to the
appropriate people, this should hopefully bring us loads more stock ranges
for the websites. Will keep you all updated as to what they are when they

We have also started to strip down our Boudouir chairs this evening we
managed to do one each, these will be our new dining room chairs when they
are done, jusy lots of work to go on 8 of them before then. Will post a
picture tomorrow of the progress if I remember.

Anyway its time for bed. Will update again tomorrow.

Steve x

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