Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Orange pay and - oh sorry im gone

Today has been poop in the shame of an Orane Poop.
I have been with Orange (the mobile phone company_ fpr the best part of 10
years and have never had any issues with them, but since my contract was up
for renewal in March I have decided to drop my contract down as I don't use
my phone as much. And for obvious reasons I don't want to tie myself into
another 24 month contract
So have decided to take the less organised option (less organised for me
that is) and go Pay as you Go
What a fiasco.
This whole thing has so far taken from the 12th Feb till now, and were
nowhere near resolved.
Orange - you're a bunch of idiots.
Anyway I have moaned at them loads today and will hopefully get a resolution
tomorrow, shortly before I tell them to stuff their contract right in their
(fill in the blink) and move to another provider....
Headache today has been moving around too, im not surprised with all the
moaning that I have been doing....
Not much else to say either which is not like me but im sure I will make up
for it tomorrow.

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