Friday, 25 March 2011


Well I haven't updated for a few days so think I should.

The last few days have been a little hectic with one thing an another and I
have also started to come down with a summer cold too because of the change
in the weather - Brilliant......

Just had loads to sort out over the last few days and fit in my BASIC on
Wednesday plus a massage, which I needed as I was really starting to ache
this week, probably because of the start of the cold coming on.

My head has been a little absent this week too, with everything going on I
have just been chasing my tail so much and forgetting things along the way.

I have had a few days off from the office though so that I can catch up with
myself and I do feel the benefit of it.

Plans are still underway for which is our Recycled,
green part of the business. The product range is almost there we just have
to build the website now and get it all running.

Justtheone4u is also the name of our eBay and Folksy store as the name
allows us to sell a mix of products all under the one name. Obviously we are
still selling our costumes of one eBay and these don't really come under any
other banner than the name, but we will not be
extending the sale of these as once they are gone they are gone.

We will be working on the website though and it
will be offering a full range of products including wigs and makeup etc
which are still also available on the Facebook and eBay stores.

My aim for the next few weeks is also to learn a new skill, and have decided
that this skill is going to be SEO and internet marketing in general, now I
know it's not something you can pick up overnight but is something I have
always dabbled with and been interested in so am going to add it to my list
of things to learn, it also keeps my brain active and something else I can
focus on.

Anyway am supposed to be doing work for the office as I'm on catch-up, but
will update later with more of my plans for world domination.

I haven't had headache yet but I know there is one coming along soon so will
just keep drinking my Green Tea and my juice to flush my body out, which
does help with the headaches and the achiness.

Till laters

Steve x

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