Thursday, 17 March 2011


Well today has been a random day. I have been into the office to work from
there and have managed to get loads done, which is brilliant, as I get a
positive feeling when I have managed to get loads done, its just one of
those things.

After I finished Mark picked me up and we popped into the wig warehouse and
bought some more stock for the website which we photographed earlier this
evening and Mark has been busy uploading to the eBay store. I will add them
to the Facebook group tomorrow to help with the advertising.

This morning was a bit odd, as last night we decided to go to bed early for
a change, which is unusual for us. However at 5am this morning we were both
wide awake and chatting, we decided it was too early to get up so we went
back to sleep and then got up a little later.

One problem I have had today though is achy body, My legs have become really
achy and I have had keep going in order for them to not be so achy.

I have just had to take a couple of painkillers though as I do have a bad
headache, and with going tobed shortly I wanted to be able to sleep well, so
I took some, its still not bad though as haven't had any for a few days.

Other than that its been a good day and I feel OK, ready for a good weekend.

Will update during the day tomorrow.


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