Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Well today has been a brilliant day all round. I have managed to achieve so
much. I worked from home this morning sorting the basics out then Mark had a
meeting in town so I hitched a lift and went into the office to sort the VAT
paperwork out.

I have also managed to have three visits to the post office with orders. Zak
at the post office says I'm keeping him in business and he needs more
customers like me. He wishes our business the very best, because at the end
of the day like he says its smaller traders like myself that are keeping his
business going.

This evening Mark made a lovely dinner and we had Asparagus on the say so of
Flick at the office, apparently its good for Chemo treatment. So that's what
we had with Risotto, wait till I tell her tomorrow.

Other than being busy with the jobs I have felt OK. My legs are a little bit
achy today but that's normal after chemo so I just carry on. That's my
philosophy at the moment, and has been since my diagnosis, just to carry on.
Stop moaning and get on with it. If I do moan and stop, that's when I feel I
will become ill.

Anyway, not much esle to say today other than I feel ok. The headaches are
still there but I haven't taken any pain killers again so that's another day

Maybe I can start to come off the steroids soo - who knows.

Till tomorrow

Steve x

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