Tuesday, 15 March 2011

and so to bed we go.....

Well it's been a good day, I have managed to get loads done for the office
and I was proud of Flick managing on her own, I knew she would be able to
and me not going in proved that point.

I have also managed to get some stuff done for us too, we have had quite a
few orders for new range of wigs we uploaded yesterday.

My mum came down this evening too which is always fun as she comes out with
some funny stories. Did you know that a Lama is like a sheep inbred (yes
that's the right word used) goat with a long neck. You had to be there to
see the funny side of it but my mum really does have some mad friends.

Haven't had any pain killers at all today although I have had a little
headache, not as much as yesterday though so to me that's a good sign. Will
see what tomorrow brings.

Anyway am off to bed, will update tomorrow.


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