Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Mini Update

Well it's been a while since I updated during the day so I thought I would
for a change.

Have been working from home all day today as I didn't feel upto going into
the office. It's not that I didn't feel upto it, I just knew it would tire
me out for the rest of the week and I really want to go in on Thursday to
help Flick and also to see the guys.

Managed to get loads done today though, and I don't feel too tired or

I do have a slight headache but nothing compared to how it has been. I just
take a rest every so often and it doesn't bother me, I'm trying desperately
to reduce the number of painkillers I take and have only had one so far in
three days so am doing well.

Mum is down this evening so will be cooking dinner shortly.

Will update later when I have more to say.

Steve x

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