Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Well today is hospital day. And we arrived on time and I was given my orders to have blood taken. All routine and that was over and done with within seconds. We had literally sat down before we were called to see the doctor. All very quick. Normally we have to wait for ages.

It does look very quiet though today and my appointment is first thing so no delays have yet managed to kick in.

Will now wait for the doctor and he will prescribe the next lot of chemo tablets and I can tell him about the head and beck aches I have been having.

I actually feel bad for moaning about the headaches as all through my illness I haven't had anything that has made me ill and now I'm moaning about a headache... I know I need to tell them though just so they are aware of what's going on.

Overall though I'm in a good mood and feeling ok so today might be a positive day overall - even my PC might treat me nicely and work... Stranger things have happened.

Will update later with any news from the doc.

Steve x
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