Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Today has been a great day, I spent this morning waiting for the gas man to
come and sort an issue out and sat in the window at home. I then attempted
to do some work, this is where it went wrong.

My machine simply said NO

I couldn't get onto any of the applications that I needed, and it really put
a dampener on my afternoon. I did manage to get some things done but not the
important stuff.

This evening Mark made dinner as I worked on the new stick items, they are
coming along well and am looking forward to introducing them as soon as

Headaches and neck aches have been relatively low key today and have only
taken one pain killer all day, which is brilliant, and I hope this is a sign
for things to come.

Tomorrow is Hospital day, and also the start of my Chemo cycle for March, so
that will be the majority of the day taken up. Will then hopefully be able
to get onto the system and do some work to catch up from today. Some people
think I'm mad for wanting to work but it's one thing that keeps me normal
and keeps my brain ticking over. My dad was recently between contracts and
had a few weeks off and he completely understood me wanting to work as he
was in the same boat and hated all the time off.

Nothing much more to say for today so will sign off and update whilst am
waiting in the hospital tomorrow, its normally a few hour appointment, so
plenty of time to update.

Till then

Steve x

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