Monday, 28 February 2011

Office Move

Well today has been a change for me, as I have been in the office. We have
moved offices so I went in to ensure that my desk was put right and I had
all my files etc.

I managed to get loads cleared too which was good as normally Monday is a
busy day but as I work from home it normally takes a lot longer.

I'm still struggling to shake the neck and head aches but I'm at the
Hospital on Wednesday so will mention it to them then.

The eBay sales are going well and I have been to the post office twice today
already and have more parcels to go tomorrow first thing.

Yesterdays mood has now lifted too, which is good as I couldn't live like
that all the time.

I have had quite a few positive comments about the radio interview, I will
hopefully be uploading it to my Facebook in the next few days s those that
missed it can listen t it.

Anyway will sign off and update tomorrow.

Steve x

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