Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tick Tock

Well today has been an odd day, I went into the office because my machine at
home wasn't working as it should, and there is technical issues in the
office too. I just hoped that by being in the office things might just work
- I thought wrong.

I did some of the work I needed to do but I just felt like a spare part
today as I had emails backing up and I couldn't do any of them as the
systems were not there.

I had to meet someone at 1.15 and I left the office at 1pm, 5 minutes before
the systems came back up will get them done tomorrow now.

David came over today to collect some costumes that he had bought and it was
nice to see another set go to someone who will enjoy wearing them. Still
working on ideas for th shop and I think Sunday might be a buying trip I

Had my massage this afternoon and I must say it actually got rid of my head
and neck ache, I do enjoy the massages and have asked if I can also attend
her Reflexology too, so I will alternate, I just didn't know if I could
stand someone playing with my feet for an hour, so during my massage today
she did 10 minutes on my feet, and I was honestly OK so next time I go I am
having reflexology. I'm enjoying all these alternative treatments, and I can
honestly say I do think they are doing me well.

All in all though its been a good day and a lot has been achieved.

Will update again tomorrow.

Steve x

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