Saturday, 5 March 2011

Night out

Ok so not exactly a night out on the town but we went with Nick and Geoff up to Burnley to see Chris and Harold. Nice to catch up with friends.

Have had some rather exciting news today but I can't say anything about it... I will be able to tell you all in a couple of weeks but till then I have to keep it under wraps which is a bit of a bugger. Still exciting though and you will all see the funny side when I tell you.

Nothing much else happened today. Head and neck aches have been less and have had no pain killers all day which I see as a good thing.

My legs did ache this morning because of the chemo, but once I was up and mobile they were sorted and all the aches went away. I only have till sunday to go now though for chemo so not too bad.

Anyway will sign off as need to book coach tickets to london for Monday for the behind the mask exhibition.

Will update tomorrow.

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