Friday, 18 March 2011

Sunshine and being green.

Well what a lovely day it is today. I woke really late today as Mark let me sleep, I must have needed it if I stayed asleep as I have been getting up lately. I was tired yesterday after being in the office though.

I did feel the benefit of the sleep though so all good.

Our new green life of self sufficient and recycling is going really well. We ordered our compost bins today so we should have compost within the next few months. Its almost time to start planting the first of the peas in my pots. I might start them on the kitchen window again.

Plans for the upcycled and recycled gifts for the store are going well too. Lots of ideas, just need either a fleet of people to put them into action or an extra 7 days a week for us to do them.

Will update later with more.

Steve x
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