Friday, 18 March 2011

End of day

Well its the end of the day and am tired, so need to go to bed but a quick
updated is needed.

This evening has been a busy evening for the shop, looks like there has been
a lot of people staying in and shopping.... All those products are now
packaged up and will be making their way to the post office first thing.

Tomorrow I need to make more of an effort to drink more Green Tea, I haven't
been drinking as much lately and I can actually feel the difference. It's
not going to be bad tomorrow as Mark has work to do so am going to work on
the website, I would like it to be fully up and running with all the
products we have by the end of the weekend, time will tell.

I had to tale two painkillers earlier as I did have headache but have not
had anything since so I see that as a good sign.

Not much else to say as have said most of it earlier but will update
tomorrow as and when things happen.

Steve x

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