Monday, 28 March 2011


Well after this afternoons blog, I don't really have much to say other than
my brain hurts - information overload I think.

This evening has been a lot less thinking and more vegetating.

I did have a parcel from the post office today which means we are now all
set up to run our post office account, I have stickers and vouchers and
allsorts, it's a bit mad, I will effectively be my own post office. All I
have to do is just take the bags to the post office and drop them off, no
more queuing and upsetting the locals so it's good all round.

The one problem is the postman here has gone mad, he keeps delivering the
large postal sacks full of postal sacks, I have had three deliveries so far
which is about 50 sacks - I know the business is picking up but I don't
think we need that many just yet.

The compost bin is now in place and we have started to fill it up with veg
peelings and such, hopefully in the next couple of months we will have some
lovely rich compost, and not just a pile of teabags.

I'm hoping that the systems will running in the office tomorrow so that I
can get more donr tomorrow, if I feel a little bit better than I did today I
will actually go into the office as its easier, and will be te last
oppertuniy for the next few weeks as its chemo week starting on Wednesday.

I have upped my dosage of Echinacea too as I did start with a cold late last
week - this normally happens when the weather changes in any case so I
wanted to avoid it keeping hold of me so I'm being good and doing everything
I can to help me keep boosted.

Anyway am off to bed now, will update tomorrow.

Steve x

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