Monday, 28 March 2011

Tweets, Blogs, HTML and SEO

Now to most people, the above will mean very little (in secret I'm the same)
But I have promised myself to learn a new skill in the next few weeks to
keep my little brain occupied and I decided to turn my hand at something
technical and useful for the business and learn all about websites and how
they are run with Google etc.
I didn't think it would be so technical and interesting.
I have been trying to do work for the office today but as that age old
saying goes "computer says NO" keeps coming back so whilst I have been
waiting for that I have been doing little bits of research online learning
as I go.
It's really interesting - although also a bit of a minefield. The bits I do
know im confident with, and then the new bits I'm learning im stringing
everything else together - which is how it should be really so its all
making sense at some point, its just getting to that point thats the hard
So now I can send one Tweet and it ends up on my Twitter, and on Facebook,
and on my Buzz site. I can blog on here and it ends up on all those sites
I have been playing arounf with the website
today and have managed somehow to lock myself out, so will have to reset
that and get back in. There is now a holding page for
so that is well under way too.
There is just loads to do and not a load of time in which to do it.
I really do think I could become a full time web geek at this rate, the days
fly by when am occupied, and working from home isn't the best place to be
anyway, so this is perfect.
This week for example is Chemo week again so I have to be careful what I do,
and my day is pretty scheduled because of the treatment but I hate it too,
so something like this is going to really keep me occupied.
One thing I will say though is I need to slow down too. This weekend has
been a bit hectic and I really felt it this morning when getting up.
I felt like I had single handed done the Oxbridge boat race this weekend
(how current is that for your) so I need a few early nights this week to
get in "Sleep Credit" as I know I will be really tired otherwise next
weekend which will spoil the whole weekend.
Listen to my body is the key phrase for this weekend, and to pipe up if I
don't feel like doing something as I'm a bugger for saying I'm fine and I
carry on.
Anyway have things to learn, I'm looking at analytics in a bit so will focus
on that, then it's time for the post office run (All the chavs will be drunk
now so won't be in the post office and the old ladies will be locked up
indoors scared of the chavs!) - It does happen sadly, and I don't condone
it, but it does keep the two sets of people apart and off the streets when
everyone else needs to go about their own business.
Will update later
Steve x

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