Monday, 28 March 2011

Sunday is Recycling Day

Today has been a "Green" Day

Yes our new green lifestyle really has started with a passion. We have been
Up=cycling some chairs for our dining room, which means we have been sanding
them down, priming and painting them and they will get a new set of fabric.
Old chairs have suddenly become New chairs again - much nicer too when they
have been finished.

Thanks to mum who helped sand them down this afternoon.

I have been preparing the Tartan material ready for making into the new
product range. I didnt realise how much tartan we had, and how mank
skirts/kilts we have unpicked in the last month or so.

They all have to be washed and ironed, so im now like Mrs Kwong at the
Chineese wash-house at the moment.

Mark has been making a recycled bag this afternoon too out of jeans and of
course a scrap of tartan.

Hese will be appearing on the website son too.

I'm into composting at the moment too as Lawrence wants to tourn part of our
garden into a vege plot, so I have bought a 330 litre composting bin, and
its amazing what you can put in there to put on your garden, we will have
the richest soil in Salford at the rate we are going on.

I'm off into work tomorrow if I feel upto it, I have felt achy today though
so will see in the morning.

The eBay sales for this week have been going OK and have had afew sales
directly from the website too so all is going well.

Will sign off now as I need to sleep ready for tomorrow.


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