Monday, 14 March 2011


Well today has been one of those days where much has happened but loads has
been done.

After yesterdays goings on I was physically tired today, so haven't been
upto much today. I have sat in the lounge and worked on the website and
chatted on Facebook. It's amazing how I can link my business life together
and not leave my laptop.

The shop is coming along well and this week's items have been uploaded to
eBay we have
a great range of corsets suitable for a range of sizes from small to 6XL so
something for everyone.

We have some great wigs coming on this week too, and I hope to get these
onto the website at the same time too. Time will tell this week though. I
will be happy if we just get a couple up this week, and then more next week,
at least the stock is rolling that way. It's probably easier done that way
as we have different styles in different so if we get one style in all
colours up. That would be a real start.. Oh it's all technical.....

That's enough business for today me thinks. You can keep an eye out though
on as to where am upto.

On a health note other than being tired and achy I haven't been that bad, I
haven't taken any pain killers today either. I have had a slight headache
but nothing that I need to take something for, which I see as a good sign.

I hope this week is going to be quiet as I'm not upto much I don't think,
although I would like to go into the office Tuesday and Thursday to help
Flick with the payments etc as Antonia is off so would like to be there to
support her. Will have to see how I feel on Tuesday morning. If not it will
be from home.

Am off to bed now, will update tomorrow.

Steve x

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