Saturday, 12 March 2011


Today hasn't been the best of days, as we have been out in the store room and
moved loads of stuff around, thrown stuff away and disagreed about the
majority of it.
I did find some earrings though that were lost at Michelle's wedding a
couple of years ago, which is now ironic as we couldn't wear them when we
were performing and now we can't wear them because we're not performing....
Have worked a little more on and have managed to
add a number of other products, hopefully I will get the corsets and wigs on
this week some time, today was just not the day it was going to be done.
I'm having major issues though h with the pictures, I resize them and then
they grow when I add them to the site, I'm far too tired to even bother
trying to resolve the issue so am going to leave it and look at it again
Have been contacted by someone that possibly wants to buy our sound
equipment, so that's another big piece of Trouble moving on.
Mark is working on uploading more stock to the eBay store ready for
tomorrows run, so that's me busy next week with sales and trips to the post
I'm aching though today as I think I have done too much, tomorrow will be a
real chill out day, I will just curl up on the sofa with my laptop and try
and iron out the issues with the website. Hopefully they can all be done and
I can just then relax. Would like to get live
tomorrow too, we ust need to get a landing page sorted and then a shop can
be worked on from there.
Me and my headache are now off to bed.
Steve x

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