Saturday, 12 March 2011


Well today has been one of those days, I was going to go into the office but
I woke up really tired and achy so I decided to work from home. I actually
wanted to go into the office today, but didn't want to get myself any more
tired than I am, it will just wipe out the weekend otherwise. Best just
listen to my body and do as it says.

Although saying that I still managed to complete all my work from home and
also do a bit of work on the website ( and the
effort is showing as I have had two orders directly from the website this
evening. Will be working on it this weekend as Mark has work to do from home
so that will occupy me this weekend.

The plans for World Domination are still bubbling over and are coming out
slowly but surely, it's actually quite exciting to have something to work
towards now that were not performing any more.

The headaches though today haven't been brilliant, they have been off and on
all day, although I have avoided taking pain killers until late this
afternoon, I haven't had any more since then though, I just have to keep
occupied and I don't notice it as much - good job I got loads of ideas then.

Will sign off now though as its well past my bedtime. Will update tomorrow.

Steve x

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