Thursday, 10 March 2011

World Domination - Day 2

Well things are well underway for world domination and the infrastructure
for it all is taking place (I wrote some notes earlier)

You all probably think I'm crazy wittering on every day about world
domination, but that is exactly my plan, or should I say our plan. We just
want to dominate our bit of the world.

Long since before I was diagnosed, and we were both on the road performing
we have had plans to open a gift and craft store. Something we both enjoy
and would have liked to do, however working the circuit with Trouble and
then being involved in the pub and one thing and another its newer got off
the back burner.

However my illness has made us both make changes in our life and now the
idea has started to bubble over in the background and so it's been brought
forward. We have started to build the structure we need to enable us to do
this, and the first start was obviously to clear our dressing room of all
the costumes, both as we don't need them anymore, and we also need the room.

We are quickly racing ahead with lots of the plans and more plans are coming
out of these too. Those come to the house know that tartan is a big feature
here at the moment, I'm not going to say what or how it is, but it's a
different product.

As we head towards April and my birthday though time is ticking, and I
wanted to make plans. We have asked each other what we are going to do in
June when I finish my current regime of treatment. If the news isn't so
good, what do I want to do, if it's good news again what do I want to do.

We ultimately would like to own a shop, something we can work in together,
and manage our world damnation plans.... again this has always been the
plan, but since my illness it's been something we have looked into more
closely. Mark has been looking at premises and we have both been sourcing
new products. Everything is falling into place slowly, will just see what
the next few months bring us.

It's obviously going to be hard for us, but I'm sure we can do it, as it's
something we have looked at for about 4 years now. We will see.

On a health note I'm feeling tired today, it's probably all these ideas I
keep having. Have done loads of work for the office too so that's all good,
as I have now got an empty inbox ready for tomorrow. Have only taken two
painkillers today, which is a good sign as I managed to hold off for the
majority of the day - it's not bad if I am occupied I don't tend to notice
the ache. Which is now in my head not my neck. I wish it would just all
settle down up there and get back to normal.

Anyway am going to sign off and take the last of my immune boosting drugs so
that I rattle going to bed....

If anyone knows of a nice little shop somewhere close by that needs a new
occupier then let me know.

Till then


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