Thursday, 10 March 2011

World Domination

What a day, I have worked so hard, my brain actually hurts.... OK so it
hurts anyway, but I have had so many ideas today that my brain is bursting.

I just need a few thousand pounds and I would be away with all these ideas,
than and a production warehouse somewhere in my back garden. I just need a
team of staff, and space and the world would be our oyster. All will come
clear in the next few weeks.

We have started to launch again as the main site
for the shop, I know it's been hanging around for a couple of years but I
like the name and I already own the domain so might as well use it.

Headaches haven't been too good today, I think it's because of all the
thinking I have been doing, but there you have it. I take pain killers when
I really have too but not until I am really uncomfortable, as I hate the
fact I'm putting so much into my body at the moment, what with the steroids
and the stomach protectors etc. I know I dose up on Vitamins and Immune
Boosting drugs, but I try and phase these through the day so that am not
taking them all at once, I literally do feel though that sometimes I am a
human maraca.

My mum came down this evening which was nice as she hasn't been down for a
while as the young lad she looks after has had a really bad cold, and even
though she hasn't seen any of the cold in herself, she didn't want to be a
carrier and bring it down to the house because of Chemo Week, especially as
its my lowest immune time, this is just something we all have to think about
now on a daily basis.

Mark said I was like a warthog last night in bed, I wouldn't know why as I
slept like a baby and woke up this morning really refreshed, which is the
first time in a while that I have slept right the way through and actually
felt the benefits of a good night's sleep.

I must admit though that wearing my ear plugs because of Marks snoring does
help and I drift off to my own little world when I'm plugged in and under
the duvets. I can still hear my phone though as it's my alarm when it goes
off in a morning (unfortunately)

Tomorrow I'm going to be working from home again and will be having more
ideas, and hopefully some things will come to fruition tomorrow, who knows,
I may have some good news to tell you.

Will sign off now and go and annoy Mark in bed, he's reading a book about
peoples habits etc - why do you feel better after expensive headache tablets
and not cheapo ones (my ibuprofen were 29p form Lidl and I feel ok) he said
I didn't understand, I just think he's bought a book that says we do odd
things (which is exactly what he's done) never mind, I'm sure I will read it
too. I understand the concept of what its saying.

Like when you feel ill - immediately after seeing the doctor you feel
slightly better, even if they have only examined you, the fact that they
have gives you a placebo effect of healing....

Anyway I'm rambling now my brain is tired and it does its own thing when
it's like that, so don't want to say anything too incriminating J

Till tomorrows next update from the "Rambling Idiot"

Steve x

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