Monday, 7 March 2011

And it was time for home..

Well were on the coach on the way home. Its dark so will both probably nod off. Will set an alarm for later otherwise we will end up in Preston.

Headache and neck ache have been intermittent today. Probably something to with all the looking up at buildings and ceilings..

In all the day has been really interesting. I also met another of the BT Buddies trustee's who had the same diagnosis as myself over 5 years ago, he's now back in work full time. There was another guy there too who has been back in work full time for a while and he has same prognosis but has so far outlived that. So all in all its been a positive day for me and Mark. Knowing these people are out there is one positive. Chatting to them in person is another.

Might update later if I think of anything.

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