Wednesday, 30 March 2011

And the results are in - round 2

Well I'm back from the hospital.

And the results are positive - there has been a marked improvement in my
cancer and its getting smaller - which means although am not out of the
woods yet it looks better all round.

I had to wait around for my blood tests as usual and again they came back

So all the Garlic, Q10, Immune boosting drugs that am taking and such are
really helping.

The positive attitude of myself and all the others around me (especially all
those around me) has also helped as there have been hard days when I have
thought I couldn't get through it.

One thing I have done though is I didn't tell anyone about my scan no
parents or anything I did it on my own, only Mark knew. It was hard sitting
waiting for a week without everyone knowing but was easier to deal with as I
could just push it out of the way, if the news had been different then I
would have had to discuss it another way.

I haven't intentionally blocked people out from this news its just made
things a whole lot easier for me to work with, and a lot less stressful too,
and it has been a stressful week too, I have been short tempered at the
smallest of things.

Anyway the news is good, they docs are not bothered too much about my
headaches, they have said as long as I am able to control them with
Paracetomol etc then its not an issue - there is loads going on in my head
and if thats the only side effect then am doing well.

Anyway I need to do the post run for the shop, and today is the first time
I'm using the post office account.

Will update later.

Steve x

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  1. WONDERFUL news! I am so pleased for you, your attitude going into the battle and throughout has been amazing and I have no doubt it's helping too!

    Sorry I haven't posted for a while :( Please know I am reading all your posts even if I haven't been able to comment {{HUGS}} to you both xxx